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Open House 2018

Come meet the Centre’s specialists: the talented, dedicated, and experienced program directors and fully accredited remedial teachers who work passionately with students to help them overcome their learning difficulties.

See first-hand the brain-training and remedial programs which have helped thousands of students reach their full potential for nearly 30 years.

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Open House Promotion

Choose between two voucher options:

Voucher #1:
If during the Open House you schedule a consultation appointment for a later date, you will receive 25% off the total value of the consultation.

Voucher #2:
If you attend the Open House but decide to schedule a consultation appointment after the event, you will receive 10% off the total value of the consultation.

Our 4-step process

In order to help your child be successful in school, the right assessment is critical. In our 4-step process, we:

1. Consult
Conduct an initial, face-to-face consultation where we review your child’s personal and academic strengths and weaknesses, developmental milestones, and past and current academic performance and behavior.

2. Recommend
When necessary, we recommend and administer testing to help us identify the underlying causes of a student’s struggles in school. Test results help us generate the right solutions for your child.

3. Develop
Develop and implement a customized education plan that involves our brain-training and remedial programs.

4. Monitor
Monitor and re-evaluate progress to ensure that your child is moving ahead according to plan.

Our guest speaker

Our guest speaker during the Open House will be Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Sandra Reich, M.Ed., the clinical director of the Montreal Centre for Anxiety & Depression, who will be giving a talk on the connection between Executive Functioning and learning potential.

Students with difficulties in Executive Functioning often struggle with time management, organization, planning, prioritization, sequencing, decision making, etc.

These challenges make it daunting for students to cope with the demands of their daily lives, including optimal learning in school.

Contact Information

189 Hymus, suite 201,
Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 1E9

Phone: (514) 631-9745

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